Johnny Rockets

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Johnny Rockets has 300 locations in 16 countries all over the world, they’re on 11 Royal Caribbean cruise ships, at 17 Six Flags amusement parks,and even at Yankee Stadium, too. But there’s only one location in San Francisco -- and it’s at Fisherman’s Wharf. So, when nothing but the original hamburger with fries or rings -- or both -- (and a pickle!) plus a cold and frosty shake will do, head straight for the wharf to chill out.

Did you know that the restaurant’s name originated by combining the timeless Johnny Appleseed folk hero legend story with the classic Oldsmobile Rocket 88 that came off the production line in the late 1950s? The emphasis is on an uncomplicated, timeless and fun all-American experience.


Try the original burger that started it all on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in 1986. Or, order bacon cheese fries and the smoke house double burger with onion rings bacon and cheese or the Philly cheese steak sandwich. Cheese lovers know that this is no time to worry about calories.

The same goes for fans of the Johnny Rocket shakes made with USDA certified premium vanilla ice cream, whole milk, quality ingredients and real whipped cream. And, loyal fans of the creamy chocolate peanut butter shake, famous worldwide, know that you can only find it at Johnny Rockets. Super deluxe shakes and malts are especially decadent, featuring signature ingredients close to any San Francisco heart, such as the dark chocolate shake  made with real Ghirardelli® Chocolate.

If the words burger, bacon, fries and cheese have a special ring (as in onion ring) for you, this could be your all-American burger place in San Francisco.

When it comes to burgers, fresh ground beef is not your only option. Try the turkey burger or the PETA-approved 100 percent soy burger. Whatever your preference, expect your ketchup to come in the design of a smiley face on the plate. That’s just the way it is at Johnny Rockets.


Located adjacent to the Radisson Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf, you can place an order to take out or stay in, where selections from the nickel juke box can accompany your meal, just like in the good old days.  

Halfway between Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, the location of Johnny Rockets is just a few minutes’ walk from either.

Kids Meals

Johnny Rockets certainly doesn’t forget rocket kids, who have a choice of five firm and fast favorites such as mini hamburgers, chicken tenders, mini hot dogs, grilled cheese or the mix-and-match. Everything comes with kid-sized American fries and a beverage.

  • Phone: (415) 693-9120
    81 Jefferson St.
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    Neighborhood: Fisherman's Wharf


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