Alcatraz Gift Shop at PIER 39

Find Alcatraz-Themed Gifts and Souvenirs on PIER 39


What was once a 45-acre cargo pier sticking out into the sparkling water of San Francisco Bay, PIER 39 is now among the most visited attractions in the West, right at the doorstep of Fisherman’s Wharf. More than 100 specialty shops and 14 full-service restaurants line the pier on two levels, with great views of Alcatraz Island and beyond to catch from every angle.

PIER 39 is a must-see on many visitors’ lists with its barking sea lions, waterfront dining, street performers, live music, shopping, strolling and people-watching. (Remember, the sea lions can come and go as they please, unlike the inmates at Alcatraz!)


Alcatraz Gift Shop is right in the thick of things at PIER 39, at the front of the pier, level two, on the right side.


Friends and family back home will love the Alcatraz-themed items from this gift shop. The legendary, inescapable maximum security prison that closed its doors for good in 1963 is now a National Park, visited by more than one million visitors a year. Not many more can fit onto the island nor the boats that ferry everyone across.

The selection includes authentic, educational, sarcastic and just plain amusing. Anyone with a lively sense of humor would appreciate a black knit cap bearing the words “Head Coach Alcatraz Swim Team.”

Find inmate playing cards for slang and prison rules & regs, mugs, shot glasses, keychains and more souvenirs.

Perhaps you know just the right person to wear an Al Capone mug shot T-shirt or an infant who’d look adorable in a black and white striped onesie emblazoned “Alcatraz Reject/Too Cute.”

Even those visitors to this city unable to make it onto the inhospitable rock may want to pick up some Alcatraz gear that simply isn’t found outside of San Francisco.

So come and see the folks at Alcatraz Gift Shop, where they’ll happily serve you...and release you. Just remember, Keep Calm and Swim Fast.

Getting there

There’s no need for an Alcatraz ticket to find the store. Buses, historic cable cars and streetcars pass by the entrance of PIER 39 all through the day and evening.

  • Phone: (415) 398-4679
    PIER 39 Level 2 Right side
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    Neighborhood: Fisherman's Wharf


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