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Bay City Guide is published monthly for weekly distribution at over 550 locations including hotels, motels, conventions, bed & breakfasts, apartment communities, executive suites, relocation offices, street racks and information booths, including eight at San Francisco International.

Bay City Guide (printing 1.74 million copies annually) provides visitors, newcomers and locals with invaluable information and essential maps! Our unmatched circulation makes Bay City Guide the most visible guide, while its handy size, sharp appearance and comprehensive maps and information make it the most popular with visitors.

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CITY MAP San Francisco & San Diego
 (San Francisco printing 2.1 million copies annually, San Diego 1 million copies annually) is our very popular visitor map in both markets. Circulated to hotels and information desks. The map contains information and discounts on the back side for visitors. Obtaining a copy of Bay City GuideBay City Guide and CITY MAPs are available in large quantities to convention groups!

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